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Swift Microwave Treatment for Verrucas



The latest ground-breaking microwave therapy to treat verrucas is Swift. Swift is an advanced ultra-modern piece of technology, which requires no use of needles, creams or injections and is easy and fast to use. We have over 20 years of experience in treating verrucas in Birmingham.

Swift is an innovative technology that was established in the UK. It has been approved for use in Dermatology and Podiatry for treating skin lesions. It is a handheld device and uses microwave energy to eliminate verrucas.

During Swift treatment a patient may experience slight discomfort but generally patients experience a slight prickly sensation which lasts a couple of seconds then swiftly diminishes. The podiatrist might have to decrease the lesion using a blade before the treatment is carried out. After the treatment, patients may feel some tenderness but this shouldn’t affect carrying out normal activities.

How many treatments you will need will depend on how many verrucas you have, where the verrucas are, the length of time you have had them and how you react to the treatment. A podiatrist will talk you through what will happen during the treatment and discuss how many treatments you may need. Some patients require a second treatment or more which can be carried out after 2 weeks or a month apart. Each case is individual and it all depends on how you react to the treatment.

Treating Verrucas in Children

The Swift treatment can be used to treat children safely from the age of 8 and onwards. A podiatrist will carry out an assessment before the treatment and generally most people are suitable for this treatment.

How does Swift Microwave Therapy work?

The body’s natural way at attacking warts and verrucas is using keratinocytes in the skin, these activate dendritic cells so that the T cells get to work at clearing the infection. When verrucas are persistent, this means the healing course is disturbed and that the immune system is not notified of the presence of the verruca.

Swift microwave therapy assists in sending signals from the skin to the immune system. This is done be encouraging the keratinocytes to stimulate dendritic cells. The thermal reaction from Swift causes the production of heat stress protein that stimulates a resilient immune reaction. These responses incite and support an immune reaction which causes the verruca to shrink and over time disappear.

Is Microwave Therapy Safe?
We all know of the microwaves we have in the kitchen, well microwaves are also used in many day to day items. You may have a cordless phone at home, a mobile phone, use Bluetooth or WiFi, and these all use microwaves to send information over small distances. Also using GPS in satellite navigation systems use microwaves. We intermingle with microwave technology on a daily basis without knowing it so microwave therapy is as safe as using any of these things.

What to expect during Microwave Therapy

verruca microwave


The Swift machine has a disposable head. When it is charged it has a life of around 15 minutes. This can be used to treat different areas on the same visit to the podiatrist. Most of the treatments take 4 or 5 seconds, this can go up to 10 seconds.
Some discomfort will be felt for the duration of the fourth and fifth second which will stop as soon as the treatment finishes. This feeling is different for everyone but there is seldom any lasting pain.
The Swift has a head that is 7mm wide. Large verrucas are treated in a sequence of overlapping the applications.

The skin will not be harmed during the Swift treatment. There will be no cuts, no wounds to dress and no blood. You won’t have to keep the area dry either. Straight after the treatment you can get on with your normal daily activities without changing anything.

The skin will not be marked or scarred in any way. In the following days after the treatment, you may notice the verruca changing colour, it may look like a dark bruise. The larger verrucas might not vanish immediately but the thickness will appear reduced before disappearing. For some people verrucas just peel straight off. Most verrucas disappear after 3 treatments but some stubborn ones may require further treatments. After the last Swift treatment, it can take a further 3 months for the verruca to disappear as this is giving the immune system time to catch up.

How often do you need Swift Therapy?
Swift therapy treatments are usually every 3 to 6 weeks. This is to give the immune system time to do its job and for the skin to restore itself. Having treatments that are closer together does not help to make results from Swift therapy more successful.



What type of results will I get?

All patients respond differently, the number of treatments required to remove a verruca can be dependent on how long you have had them, the location, how many you have, and how you respond to treatment. A vast majority of verruca will be treated successfully in 3 treatments.  Each treatment is 2 - 3 weeks apart. We will discuss this with you at your initial assessment. A clinical study carried out by the University Of Southampton recruited 32 adults with one or more persistent verrucae for a course of up to 4 treatments, roughly 4 weeks apart. In order to be eligible for the research, patients had to have had their verruca for at least 1 year and failed to respond to previous treatments. The results showed that out of 54 verruca treated with Swift Microwave Therapy, 76% of verrucae had resolved with 94% of the resolved verrucae having cleared after 3 treatments or less.



How much does Swift Verruca Treatment Cost?

Swift Treatment at Dr Foot Podiatry Clinic is provided in the form of a treatment package.

Our Swift Treatment Package includes: