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Laser Treatment for Verrucas


toe wart


Laser Treatments

There are several laser treatments that are used to treat warts. The pulsed dye laser treatment aims at the pigments in the tissue like melanin. When warts are treated, the laser has an attraction to haemoglobin in the blood vessels of the wart. This causes necrosis of the tissue.
A study was conducted by Park and Choi on 120 random patients whom suffered from warts. They were treated with the pulse dye laser to clear the warts. It worked on 49.5% of these people. Plantar warts proved to be more problematic to treat than periungual warts or flat warts.
Another study was conducted where Sethuraman used the pulsed dye laser treatment to treat 61 children with warts. 75% of these showed that the wart had cleared after 3 sessions.

Carbon dioxide lasers evaporate the wart. A podiatrist can use a laser like a scalpel to cut out the wart and clear the base of it. Podiatrists have also used LED [light emitting] therapy alongside laser treatments. Trelles and associates have reported to treat 121 warts this way. Another way is to use the carbon dioxide laser, a podiatrist would remove the lesion and vaporise them. This will leave a wound which will be left to heal. This treatment took around 15 days to heal with little scarring. A study showed that 6% of these warts reoccurred when followed up after 21 months.

We at the birmingham verruca clinic do not use lasers to treat verrucas as we feel their are more effecticve treatment options.


New for 2017: Microwave Verruca Treatment!

swift verruca

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If you are intrested in this procedure for your verruca please contact our clinic on 0800 1953440.


We're registered with: Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists


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