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Duct Tape for Verrucas


metatarsal verruca


Using Duct Tape
Using duct tape to treat warts at home is fairly common. DTOT [duct tape occlusion therapy] is when a wart is covered with duct tape for a lengthy period of time, if it falls off then repeat the process until the wart has gone. DTOT became a genuine type of treatment when Focht et al conducted a study and found that using duct tape worked better than freezing the wart. Nevertheless this study has been disapproved since then.

How to use duct tape

  1. Cut the tape long enough to cover the wart [make sure you use the grey sticky waterproof tape]
  2. Place the duct tape over the wart for six days.
  3. When the tape falls off, replace it with another piece.
  4. After six days, soak the foot in warm water and remove the tape.
  5. Using an emery board carefully scrape off any dead skin.
  6. Reapply the duct tape and repeat the steps every six days. [For 2 months maximum].

Side effects have been reported with this method. Using duct tape has caused infections and some people have experienced skin irritation after continuing this method for a few weeks. This method is not recommended as there is not enough evidence to prove using duct tape helps get rid of verrucas or warts.


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swift verruca

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